Installation Guide: How to use Profitblogger Themes & Blocks

By Jeremy Koering • Last updated on December 12, 2022

Installing Themes

Installing Block Library

Once you have joined Profitblogger Pro you will have instant access to your Block License.

  • Login to your Profitblogger account and click on “Block License” in the menu.
  • There you will see your subscription order, click on “License Manage”.
  • Here you will find your active licenses and the option to generate additional licenses. Create a license by clicking “Generate License” and copy that license.
  • Login to the WordPress site you wish to install the Block Library on.
  • Install the Kadence theme
  • Install the Kadence Blocks plugin
  • Go to “Add Post”
  • Click on “Design Library” in the menu
  • The Kadence Cloud will popup, click on the + sign to add the Block Library.
  • You will see two inputs “Connection URL” and “Connection Access Key”. For the “Connection URL” add For the “Connection Access Key” add your License from Profitblogger. Click the “Add Connection” button.
  • Your website will connect to the Block Library. Now you may click on the “Profitblogger Pro” library tab and add our post templates and blocks to your website with just one-click.

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1 Requires Kadence Theme which is available for free.
2 Requires Kadence Blocks Plugin which is available for free.