How To Write A Product Review In 2023 (5 Easy Steps)

Learn how to write effective product reviews that build trust with your audience.

By Jeremy Koering • Last updated on December 22, 2022

If you’ve never reviewed a product before, you might be feeling overwhelmed by where to start. But don’t worry – crafting an effective and compelling product review isn’t as hard as it may seem. In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through some tips and tricks for writing a successful review that will help maximize your clicks and convert more readers into buyers. Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is a product review?

A product review is an evaluation of a product or service based on its features, advantages, and disadvantages. It also includes information about how the product or service was used and how it performed relative to expectations. These reviews can be written by anyone with knowledge of the item being reviewed; however, those who are knowledgeable in the field usually write more comprehensive reviews than non-experts. 

Product reviews are often written for two main purposes: to inform potential buyers about a specific item and to influence their purchase decision. The content of these reviews can range from short summaries to lengthy evaluations that include detailed descriptions and comparisons with other similar products or services. Some reviewers also provide ratings that indicate how satisfied they were with their experience using the item being reviewed. 

Key Elements of Product Reviews

An effective product review will include:

  • Product Summary: A good product summary with a rating, product description, and the pros and cons of the product should be included in every review.
  • Pros & Cons: Readers love visuals and a good pros and cons box will help them quickly understand what the product offers and what potential drawbacks it has.
  • Test Results: You should always use the products yourself if possible and include the results of your tests in the review. This will provide readers with a more detailed evaluation from someone who has actually used the item.
  • Product Comparisons: Adding comparisons to other similar products or services can help readers decide which one is better for their needs.
  • Recommendation: At the end of the review, you should provide your recommendation. Do you think the product is worth buying? Why or why not? These are important questions for readers to consider when making their purchasing decisions.

Why You Should Write Product Reviews

As an affiliate marketer, writing product reviews is a necessary step to ensure success. Not only does it increase your conversion rate by providing helpful information to readers, but it also increases your search traffic by utilizing low-difficulty keywords and adds authority to your brand with detailed reviews. Let’s take a look at why you should be writing product reviews. 

High Conversion Rates 

Product reviews have a high conversion rate because they provide valuable information that helps readers decide if they should make a purchase. When readers find the right information in a review, they are more likely to click on the link and make the purchase. This means more money for you as an affiliate marketer! 

Search Traffic 

Many product review SEO keywords are low-difficulty and can provide enormous amounts of traffic with relatively minimal effort. Additionally, when used correctly, these keywords can lead to higher rankings in Google searches which result in even more organic traffic from potential customers.  

Adds Authority  

A detailed product review can help build trust between yourself and the reader. It also can build search engine authority by building internal links with other important posts on your website or blog. This internal linking allows search engines like Google to crawl through different pages of your website easily, helping them determine what content is important on your website and thus increasing its ranking in searches.  

How To Write A Product Review In 5 Easy Steps

Writing product reviews is one of the most effective strategies for increasing sales as an affiliate marketer. By providing honest assessments of items that you have used yourself, you can build trust with potential buyers and demonstrate your expertise in a particular field or niche – all while boosting your credibility and making more money!

1. Research The Product

Before you start writing your review, take some time to do thorough research on the product. Read through customer reviews, watch videos or tutorials about how to use the product, and make sure that you understand all of its features and benefits. The more information you have about the product before writing your review, the better.  

2. Know The Audience

In order to write a great review, it’s important to know who your target audience is. Think about what type of person would be interested in the product and tailor your review accordingly. Make sure that your language speaks directly to their needs and interests so that they can identify with it quickly.  

3. Draft An Outline

Once you have done all of your research and know who your target audience is, start drafting an outline for your review. This will help you stay organized as you write and ensure that all of the key points are included in your final version. Make sure that each point is clearly structured so that readers can easily follow along as they read through your review.

The Product Review Outline We Use At Profitblogger:

  • Introduction
  • Product Summary
    • Name
    • Rating
    • Price
    • Product Description
    • Pros & Cons
    • Buy Button
  • Product Review
    • Best Uses / Users
    • Key Features
    • Test Results
    • Expansion of Pros & Cons with in-depth talking points
  • Alternative Products
    • List similar products that are better/worse, share why
  • Recap
  • FAQ

4. Write the Product Review

Now it’s time to get started on actually writing out your review! There are 5 key sections that every product review needs.

Section 1. Introduction

The first step in writing a successful product review is to provide an engaging introduction to the product. Share what makes it different from other products, how it solves a problem that customers might have, and why readers should care about your review.

Section 2. Product Summary

Next, you should write a product summary that highlights key features, benefits, and any negatives. This should include the name of the product, your rating, price, and a brief product description. You should also include a list of pros and cons as well as a buy now button so that readers can easily purchase the item after reading your review. 

Section 3. Product Review

The next step is to delve into more detail with your product review. Here you should highlight who should buy the product, key features, test results (if applicable), and expand on any pros or cons listed in the summary. It’s important to always mention both positive and negative aspects of the product so that readers have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

This is the heart of your article, take your time here and make sure you include all the relevant information. Skimping here will cost you money.

Section 4. Alternative Products

When writing a review, it’s important to include comparisons with other products that may be better suited for certain needs or budgets. Including comparisons can help readers make informed decisions about which products are right for them and can also help with SEO by incorporating relevant keywords into your reviews.

Section 5. Conclusion

Write a convincing conclusion that clearly calls your reader to action. Explain why this product is the best solution for their needs, list any final benefits or features that set it apart from other products, and provide a link where readers can purchase the item.

Section 6. FAQ

The last piece of the product review puzzle is adding an FAQ section. This is where you can include any additional questions or comments that readers may have before they purchase the product. It’s important to be as detailed as possible here so that readers are able to get all the information they need before making their decision.

5. Edit & Format

Once you have finished writing out your product review, go through and edit any mistakes or typos before formatting it properly for publication. Add any additional images or videos if necessary and make sure everything looks good before publishing online!  

Writing product reviews can seem intimidating at first but with these five easy steps – researching the product, knowing who your audience is, drafting an outline, writing out the actual review itself & editing/formatting – anyone can become a master reviewer! So don’t be afraid – give it a try today! With a little practice and dedication, soon enough you’ll be confidently creating engaging content that sells products like a pro!

Tips for Writing Product Reviews

Here are our tips for writing great product reviews:

Research The Product – An in-depth understanding of the product will help you write a better review. Test the product (if possible) so that you can provide accurate feedback about the item.

Know Your Audience – Who is your review intended for? Knowing who you are writing for will help influence the language and tone of your review.

Always Use Pros & Cons – Humans love lists, so use this to your advantage! List out the pros and cons of the product to help readers make an informed decision.

Be Honest – Include the negative aspects of the product. Too often, affiliate marketers only praise the product without providing a realistic overview. An honest review will have a higher conversion rate.

Include Comparisons – Highlighting the best products for different types of buyers is important for your success as an affiliate marketer.

Format Properly – After you have written out the review, go through and edit any mistakes or typos before formatting it properly for publication.

Writing product reviews can be intimidating at first, but with these twenty tips you’ll soon be confidently creating engaging content that sells products like a pro! Don’t be afraid – give it a try today! With a little practice and dedication, you’ll have no problem crafting helpful reviews that readers will find informative & useful.

Product Review Examples

Here are three product examples by Profitblogger Pro subscribers to help give you an idea of what your reviews could look like.

  1. Jasper AI Review: The Best Writing Tool For Affiliate Marketing
  2. Aria Review & Hotel Guide
  3. Caesars Palace Review & Hotel Guide

Use these examples as inspiration for your own product reviews. Examine the structure, language, and formatting of each review to get an idea of what works well and what you can include in your own reviews. With these tips and examples, you’ll be creating expert-level product reviews like a pro in no time!


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When I’m product reviewing, I make sure to be honest with my opinion. It’s important for me to not only give positives about the product, but to also be straightforward if there are any issues with it. My goal is to make sure that readers are informed and knowledgeable about what they’re buying and that means being transparent. I don’t think sugarcoating any part of the product review process serves anyone; it’s far better to provide an in-depth look at the product, including potential pros and cons. Doing so gives readers all of the information they need to make an educated decision on whether or not this product is right for them.

As I started writing product reviews for my affiliate site, I quickly learned how important product research is. Taking the time to understand who the product’s target audience is made a big difference in the results. Once I had done my research, I began to create an outline. Having this gave me structure when actually writing, so the review flowed easily from one point to the next. Finally it was time to write! With all of my preparation work completed ahead of time, it crystalized by review and got me off to a great start!

Read our product review guide for an in-depth look at writing great reviews.

Writing a review template can be a challenge. At Profitblogger, we use a simple outline that have all the important elements like pros and cons, key features, and product comparisons.

Product Review Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Product Summary
    • Name
    • Rating
    • Price
    • Product Description
    • Pros & Cons
    • Buy Button
  • Product Review
    • Best Uses / Users
    • Key Features
    • Test Results
    • Expansion of Pros & Cons with in-depth talking points
  • Alternative Products
    • List similar products that are better/worse, share why
  • Recap
  • FAQ

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